Our Stock

Our Stock


All stock owned by Darley Stud are registered and have been DNA parent verified as per the AWA. All stock owned by Darley Stud have pedigree records and EBV’s shown on the AWA web site. All PB Polled stock have been Poll tested and certification is available.


We believe that breeders Stud or Commercial that purchase DSA prefix (Darley Stud Australia P/L) Bulls, DSA females or DSA made embryos, buyers will be seen as purchasing quality blood genetics for producing a quality Wagyu product. We cull our young male stock more that most in the Wagyu breeding industry, and only keep the best selected Phenotype bulls for sale. There has been No DSA bred females ever sold to date. When looking for any Darley Stud stock just go to Animal search and type DSA in the current owner identifier section.

We regard our DSA prefix (Darley Stud Australia P/L) as one of our most converted assets, that’s why we are very selective what we breed and sell in the market place. The DSA prefix stock are noted for their excellence in Wagyu genetics, within the Wagyu breeding world. Being one of the few Wagyu industry prefixes that command respect for breeding quality Wagyu genetics.


Darley Stud (Australia) Pty Ltd.’s aim is to breed consistently high quality bulls and females from outstanding proven genetic backgrounds. We breed selected genetic combinations from only established proven cow families with leading proven sires to produce wagyu bulls that are structurally sound of good temperament, high fertility, with even carcass weights and top marbling, and just as important the fineness of marbling along with producing excellent TCI EBV’s. Top genetics are only as good as they are fed, and we take no prisoners when it comes to the feeding of all our stock.

We grow our own hay and silage which is only used when required, otherwise stock are all raised on top grass pasture. We also have in place a stringent herd health policy that gives our clients confidence in selecting Darley Stud bred bulls.
All Bull are raised and offered for sale as genuine grass fed bulls, NO GRAIN!