Michifuku (IMP JAP)

Michifuku (IMP JAP)

Photo courtesy of World K©

Michifuku (IMP JAP) has proven to be the benchmark for all Wagyu sires in respect to carcass production. This Japanese import has proven himself as the Wagyu industry’s top ranked carcass producing bull with over 12,000 (black) progeny tested. Of note, it is known that as an Akaushi sire, he has over 50,000 progeny born.

Michifuku (IMP JAP) is the KING when it comes to marbling carcass production. Good carcass producing bulls come at the expense of other EBV traits, such as poor milk, smaller size, due to the high Tajima blood content as compared to those bred from the Kedaka and Fujioshi strains of Wagyu blood.

Nevertheless, Michifuku (IMP JAP) carcasses are up there with the best produced in the industry. He boasts an Intra Muscular Fat (IMF %) of +0.7 which is the highest IMF% EBV outside of Japan. This sets the marbling standard of the Wagyu breed.

Most of the top carcass producing females in the Wagyu breeding industry carry a strain of this great sire. Those that do not have a strain of Michifuku (IMP JAP) in their bloodline, on the records shown, seem to lack the marbling ability in their carcasses.

Sons and grandsons of Michifuku (IMP JAP) are one of the most widely used sire lines in the Wagyu stud and commercial breeding establishments. His best sons, at present seems to be Sanjirou (IMP USA) and his full brother Kanadagene 100 (IMP CAN), both “bred in the purple” being sons of Suzutani (IMP JAP). Sanjirou (IMP USA) has over 6,000 carcasses to his credit which is proof of being the best sire son.