Michiyoshi (IMP USA)

Michiyoshi (IMP USA)

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Michiyoshi (IMP USA) is the only bull born in the USA that is known to have been tested for:

  • Gene test 1 – (GH) Exon 5 tested BC: A gene test for the potential for marbling in wagyu meat. Michiyoshi tested BC; and
  • Gene Test 2 – STEAROYL – CoA Desaturase (SCD) – AA: A gene test potential for Oleic acid rich high quality fat in wagyu meat. Michiyoshi tested AA.

Michiyoshi (BC-AA) has been tested free from all five genetic recessive desease traits. It is not known if there is any (GH) Exon 5 BC – AA tested bulls with semen available in Australia that has also tested free on all 5 genetic recessive diseases.

In short that means his progeny’s meat will be more tender, plus the fat will melt at a lower temperature than all other Wagyu bulls progeny.

For a bull to test as a BC-AA bull, the highest rating in both genetic tests mentioned above, the odds are 1 in 200,000.

Michiyoshi (IMP USA) is a son of the great bull in Sanjirou (IMP USA) who supports over 6,000 progeny tested for marbling at 88% grading +9.

Sanjirou (IMP USA) is by the Wagyu industry’s greatest known Wagyu bull in Michifuku (IMP JAP) out of Suzutani (IMP JAP) arguably the greatest female exported from Japan.

Michiyoshi (IMP USA) was one of the first three bulls chosen, by the AWA from world wide applications, to participate in bull evaluation proving trials. Some of the leading bulls in this trial include Sanjirou, Takazukura, Shigeshigetani etc.

This trial is over a three year term and the results will be significant to the Wagyu breeding industry. It would not surprise if Michiyoshi (IMP USA) is ranked as the Wagyu industry’s new shinning light once the trials are concluded.

Darley Stud are very excited to have him and you, as breeders, will be very pleased that you have chosen to use him.