TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP)

TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP)

itomichi 1-2
Photo courtesy of Takeda Farm

TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP) is a grandson of one of the great Japanese stud sires in Dai 7 Itozakura J65 (JAP).

TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP) dam Dai 2 Kintou (JAP) and grand dam Ezokintou 1A (JAP) is credited by the Japanese as a “high class graded cow” from the Haraharashu bloodline and has been instrumental in producing quality stud sires.

TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP) shows his pedigree as his great grand dam Ezokintou J11961 (JAP) took first place and was judged Grand Prize winner at the third Zenkyo (All Japan Wagyu) competition which is held every five years.

TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP) descends from the Dai Ni Kinto bloodline renowned for producing consistently large framed animals but average growth rates while maintaining their marbling thus producing good quality beef.

TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP) delivers some excellent EBV traits to his progeny,of particular note are:

  • low birth weight of +1.2;
  • great milk of +8; and
  • good eye muscle of +2.5.

These EBV figures are good considering the average growth rate of his progeny.

TF Itomichi 1-2 (IMP JAP) is a top blood bull well worth consideration for increasing frame size and milk in females.


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Estimated Breeding Value (EBV)

2010 Summer Wagyu Group Breedplan EBVS (A)
Birth Wt. (kg) 200 Day Wt. (kg) 400 Day Wt. (kg) 600 Day Wt. (kg) Mat. Cow  Wt. (kg) Milk (kg) Scrotal Size (cm) Eye Muscle Area ( Rib Fat (mm) Rump Fat (mm) IMF %
EBV +2.0 +1.2 +11 18 +19 +20 +8 +0.9 +2.5 +0.9 +0.8 +0.1
Acc 89% 95% 92% 92% 91% 81% 84% 60% 77% 74% 77% 69%
EBV +0.2 +1.1 +9 +15 +19 +19 +2 0.0 +0.6 +0.1 +0.2 0.0
(A) EBVs courtesy of the Australian Wagyu Association at